We’re like a helpful climate friend.

We help our members discover local climate opportunities, from tree plantings, to climate rallies, to climate tech events, urban farming.

We’re “all things climate” - connect with what interests you.

Our Philosophy

⛰️ Mission: To empower people to get off their couches and do something about the climate crisis.

👁️ Vision: To accelerate climate action in cities everywhere.

🔦 Guiding Facts: Our work is guided by five key beliefs:

  1. People are busier than ever.
  2. ‘Eco-anxiety’ is on the rise.
  3. Broad public engagement is vital for change.
  4. Within climate, people have diverse interests.
  5. Discussions on climate tech, policy, and justice are often siloed

These beliefs shape the tools and programs we create and how we design them. To ramp up climate action, it's crucial we grasp the barriers hindering meaningful engagement.

Our Program Areas

Climate Collective drives climate action by building tools and programming along four key program areas: mobilization, education, careers, and community.

These program areas are interconnected, working to support individuals on their unique climate journey.

1. Mobilizing for climate action

2. Educating for climate literacy

3. Connecting for climate careers

4. Supporting for climate community

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